Rapid workflow automation

Synaptek delivers the future of work by connecting people, processes and technology across organisations to revolutionise ways of working. Through intelligent workflow automation and the clever use of AI, we increase productivity, reduce cost inefficiencies and remove the challenges created by manual processes and platform sprawl.

Transformation through automation

Using cutting-edge technology, innovative automation services and Artificial Intelligence, we rapidly connect people, processes and platforms to simplify work and electrify the customer experience.

We’re specialists in designing integrations that quickly and simply automate common business processes and improve collaboration. This enables teams across your business to spend more time focusing on being the best they can be.


We work with innovative software partners to design solutions tailored to you. By connecting applications and automating repetitive processes we deliver efficiencies that have not previously been possible. Our mission is to create truly connected working environments for you.

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We bring a new kind of systems-collaboration to businesses. We call it the Adaptive Collaboration Hub. It‘s designed to bring people, data and applications together in one place, enabling collaboration like never before. We believe this is the future of work and true Digital Transformation.

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We connect powerful platforms and harness the power of Machine Learning and AI to provide unrivalled “human touch” customer experiences without human interaction! In-turn, this lets your workforce focus on more high-value tasks, self-development and some chill-time!

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Our Vision

“To supercharge the world of work through the power of technology and be a force for good in the workplace.”

Automating solutions across your business


Transform your HR processes

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Optimise the sales opportunity

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Allow IT to say ‘yes!’

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Improve customer interactions

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Revolutionise finance operations

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Introducing the innovative RoboNOC

Intelligent Automation meets AIOps

RoboNOC is an innovation in Network Operations Centre management that enables lightning-fast mean time to resolution for complex infrastructure issues. Find out more about how RoboNOC delivers the future of IT Operations.

The future is now

This is more than digital transformation – it’s the future of work through digital innovation.

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Digital innovation for businesses

Businesses have been taking advantage of advancements in technology for decades. In short periods, industries have been flipped on their head and reinvented, thanks to the power of digital innovation. This disruptive force is transforming even single industry out there, and the only question is; are you going to be a part of it or not?

At its core, digital innovation is the application of new technology to existing business practices and problems that greatly improve efficiency. Almost any business can benefit from intelligent automation and the right application of AI to increase revenue, lower costs, and grow profits.