Optimise the sales opportunity

Buyers are more informed than ever before, and this affects the way businesses sell. With so much information instantly available to buyers, preliminary purchasing decisions can be made without even interacting with your business. This makes the sales job tougher than ever.

As Sales professionals, we equally have access to so much information about a prospect that it should make for an easier sell. But this abundance of information brings its own challenges. We’re awash with data across various platforms and CRM systems which alone can’t deliver truly personalised and consistent interactions. An intelligent automation solution can connect every data point in one interface, making it easy for teams to access everything they need to have more informed, highly personalised conversations.

Death of a (traditional) Salesman

The ability to orchestrate the entire deal desk through one interface, from quotes to signing contracts, enables sales teams to focus on what they do best: selling!

A single prospect and customer view, that’s accessible anywhere, and a connected customer journey makes the challenges of the traditional sales team a thing of the past. Teams can be empowered to deliver their best work, find information quickly and collaborate with teams across the business to identify, connect and convert the best prospects into loyal customers.

Selling of the future

What if… you could enable your sales teams to deliver the most personalised pitch every time?

There are so many sales processes that can be automated to increase sales opportunities, manage deal progress and close deals faster than ever, all via one collaboration hub. Then seamlessly handover a new customer to the Customer Success Team who’ll have access to everything they need for a personalised onboarding experience.

Getting your automation strategy right

Download your free Automation Success Kit

The key to getting your business automation strategy right is to focus on the issues you need to resolve, not the technology. This is just one of the tips we’ve pulled together in our Automation Success Kit, designed to simplify the journey to automation success.

Download this insightful automation roadmap to discover how you can rapidly transform your operations to optimise productivity and enhance the experience of your customers.


Connecting everything you need

Deal desk

Automated sales process benefits


Access all prospect and customer data in one place to deliver the most personalised sales pitch.


Automate upsell and cross-sell opportunities, engaging customers in the tools they use most.


Manage the deal desk via one interface. Automate quotes and approvals using chatbots.

Sales automations connections image
Sales automations connections image
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