Building the future together

AI and intelligent automation are the hottest topics in the world of work, but many businesses we’ve worked with don’t know how to move forward with a transformation strategy.
That’s where we come in.

Expert Consultancy

We pride ourselves on our ability to get under the skin of what your business needs. We then develop tailored automation solutions that can truly benefit your organisation and your employees by streamlining repetitive business processes.

The Synaptek vision is to supercharge the world of work through the power of technology and be a force for good in the workplace. Everything we do is about delivering better ways of working for everyone.

Innovative strategy & process design

We work with best-in-class technology partners to tackle common business issues and enable enhanced collaboration across businesses. We identify your pain points and design solutions that address these in innovative and disruptive ways. This could mean delivering a complete technology stack to fully digitalise your business, or we can work with your existing platforms and legacy systems to create more efficient ways of working in line with your business strategy.

This is more than digital transformation. By bringing together people, processes and applications, we can deliver profitable change. From streamlining HR onboarding to automating everyday service desk tasks, whatever the problem, we can design a solution that’s right for you.

Focused implementation & expert training

The success of any change process is only as good as the people delivering it, so we understand the importance of engaging employees in any business transformation. We like to consider ourselves an extension of your team so we don’t just implement and run! We work with you to embed new ways of working to deliver real benefits quickly and guide everyone involved on the journey to a more collaborative way of working.

Change is always a challenge to manage, but engaging and training teams at every stage will encourage successful adoption. Automation is not about replacing your best people with technology; it’s about streamlining repetitive tasks to empower your best people to use their skills for more value-added tasks. With implementation support and thorough training, everyone can embrace the change.

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Automated Services

Automation is becoming increasingly popular within businesses due to its ability to save time and reduce costs. With intelligent automation systems in place, even the most complex and tedious tasks can be automated to save time and resources across all areas of business.

The Synaptek vision is to help businesses reach their full potential and efficiency through the power of automated technology and digital innovation. By automating everyday service tasks, we can help you utilise the power of automation and work alongside you to reach your objectives. Instead of drowning your staff in repetitive tasks, they could be using their skills for more valuable tasks instead.