1.1          Environmental Sustainability Statement

Synaptek is the trading name of the Digital Innovation Division of Spherica Business Solutions Limited.

As an automation-first provider of IT services and support, Spherica does not typically produce, process, or transport physical goods. None of the products we supply require raw materials for their manufacture, as they are often digital commodities or services. This means that the delivery of such commodities, at our customer’s request, incurs a low environmental impact.

We are committed to continuously improving the environmental impact of our business activities, and maintain a clear roadmap for embedding more efficient and sustainable IT operations within both our own business as well as that of our customers and partners.

We will continue to comply fully with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, while working to limit our environmental impacts through initiatives such as paperless working and utilising low-power, energy efficient devices such as laptops. Other examples include enhancing security and efficiency by storing all assets in the Cloud and promoting that our customers migrate physical assets to the Cloud too, thus reducing the carbon footprint impact of having to maintain data centres.

Further to this, our business is based within a shared office system. This means that we are able to limit environmental impacts by only using the office facilities when required, thereby ensuring that energy is not wasted through heating and lighting physical spaces which are underpopulated.

We run a lean operation, and support flexible working practices where possible, including remote home-based or client-based working, which reduces the environmental impact of our workforce. We also encourage our employees to utilise public transportation or car-share where possible, so as to lower the number of unnecessary car journeys undertaken, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

By using advanced technology, such as AI and machine learning, we are also able to increase efficiency by reducing the physical resources required to complete repeatable tasks which are usually resource heavy.

Additionally, we can utilise our automation technologies to extend the life of legacy systems and reduce the need for disposal, which is carried out under robust security and effectiveness guidelines. We reuse or repurpose electronic devices wherever feasible, and ensure that all devices are disposed of or recycled in a manner compliant with WEEE directives (including hazardous waste regulations).

We regularly communicate our sustainability standards to our employees, encouraging them to buy into our ethos and improve their awareness of environmental matters. This also extends to our partners and subcontractors, and it is vital that our suppliers hold similarly high standards with regards to ethical, environmental and sustainable working.