Intelligent Automation meets AIOps to deliver the future of IT Ops

RoboNOC is an innovation in Network Operations Centre management that enables lightning-fast mean time to resolution for complex infrastructure issues. The system uses the powerful Zenoss AIOps infrastructure monitoring platform, coupled with Synaptek's Machine Learning algorithms to quickly identify the root cause of issues and automate remediation.

This fusion of technology allows IT teams to resolve incidents faster than ever and all via a single pane of glass.

Introducing RoboNOC

Never have businesses had such complex environments that are more distributed than ever before. With so much complexity, when something breaks IT teams are bombarded with alerts and identifying the root cause is time-consuming, often taking hours of manual effort. With every second of system downtime businesses lose money. In fact, according to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. Couple this with IDG research that found the average mean-time to resolution of IT issues is 4.5 hours and enterprises are looking at an average loss of an eye-watering $1.5m during a single incident!

The best-of-breed Zenoss AIOps platform makes time-consuming root cause identification a thing of the past. Instead of the usual hours of manual investigation, hampered by alert noise, Zenoss pinpoints the issue in seconds. This means overstretched IT Ops teams have more time to focus on service improvements and actively preventing outages in the first place.


Putting technology to work

The strategic partnership between Synaptek and Zenoss takes incident management to the next level.

Synaptek engineers design process workflows that harness the root cause insights delivered by the Zenoss AIOps platform and trigger AI and ML-driven automated actions to remediate issues in real-time. Preventative actions are also undertaken before problems arise to better protect businesses and reduce the number and ferocity of IT outages.

While many automation solutions integrate platform to platform, Synaptek uses Workato, an industry-leading Enterprise Integration Platform, to connect all the systems involved in the incident management process, wall to wall. From servers to IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, the entire end-to-end process is connected.

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A true single pane of glass

The solution really does deliver the coveted ‘single pane of glass’ for incident management. Our personal preference is to use Slack as the communication interface, but it could be any communication channel your business prefers, including email.

Synaptek workflows automate many manual, recurring tasks, trigger AI and ML-based resolutions, automate ticket creation and update and escalate issues to the right people at the right time, while engineers monitor and manage everything without ever having to switch applications.

Autonomous remediation that protects business continuity

The combination of these game-changing solutions delivers a significant competitive advantage and reduces mean time to resolution by more than 100%. Agility and scalability are transformed, customer experience is revolutionised and businesses are better protected.

Watch this engaging recording from GlaxZ20, the Zenoss Digital Conference, to find out more. Our CEO, Karl Nicholson, attended this prestigious event as a guest speaker and inspired the audience with how RoboNOC delivers the future of IT Operations.