Revolutionise finance operations

Businesses need to be more agile than ever and so the traditional end of quarter accounting is no longer fit to aid the budgetary decisions required to act on opportunities quickly. Business leaders and CFOs need instant access to accurate and up-to-date financial information to make informed decisions at any time.

Many traditional finance processes can be automated to free up time for finance teams to provide valuable insights that can deliver a competitive advantage to the business. Intelligent automation enables access to spend and revenue data from across the business via one interface, allowing executives to view and share the most accurate financial performance data, on-demand. Automating quotations and invoice processing is another game-changer that reduces accounting risks by removing manual interventions, minimising the cost of errors and saving hours of manual work.

Streamline accounting processes

Automating financial processes creates a more productive finance function. Quotations and invoices can be automatically populated and processed, reconciliation can be simplified, and compliant documentation maintained without manual intervention. This empowers finance teams to focus on more value-added tasks that aid the strategic direction of the business.

Finance of the future

What if… you could provide an automated daily financial update to your C-suite to enable faster, more informed decisions?

Share accurate information quickly via an intuitive interface, providing real-time reporting to facilitate agile decision making.

Getting your automation strategy right

Download your free Automation Success Kit

The key to getting your business automation strategy right is to focus on the issues you need to resolve, not the technology. This is just one of the tips we’ve pulled together in our Automation Success Kit, designed to simplify the journey to automation success.

Download this insightful automation roadmap to discover how you can rapidly transform your operations to optimise productivity and enhance the experience of your customers.


Connecting everything you need

Payroll & expenses

Benefits of automated Finance processes


Connect all sources of pricing, quoting and billing data to automate the revenue process and access information in one place.


Continuously close the books to enable agile business decisions from up-to-the-minute spend and revenue data.


Automate file storage to meet regulatory and auditing requirements with ease, even across different territories.

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Finance connections image
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