Transform your HR processes

The future leaders of today have the highest expectations for flexible, digitally connected working environments. To attract and keep the best talent your business must meet the needs of the digital-first generation, which is why intelligent automation is vital to the HR function.

From pre-hire to onboarding, training to talent management, payroll to appraisals, so many traditional HR processes can benefit from intelligent automation. Not only will it reduce repetitive, mundane tasks but it can lower recruitment time and costs, help your business attract the best talent, and reduce employee turnover through better engagement. Automation enables hiring managers to make faster decisions; frees your HR team to focus on more value-added tasks; and creates a collaborative company culture.

Work smarter, not harder

Connecting people, processes and data in one Adaptive Collaboration Hub facilitates faster, effortless and more secure HR processes. Recruitment can be streamlined, new starter orientation simplified, and HR teams empowered to focus on the more strategic aspects of their role.

Refocus HR effort on the human aspects of talent management to achieve business goals and create a culture that embraces innovation and is more adaptable to change. Automation can enable a working environment that nurtures your most valuable assets: your staff!

The future of onboarding

What if… you could make your company’s onboarding process into a competitive advantage?

Automate equipment provisioning, account access, approvals and repeatable onboarding processes to free your teams to focus on making a new recruit’s first few weeks as productive and enjoyable as possible, so they can become valuable members of the business faster than ever.

Getting your automation strategy right

Download your free Automation Success Kit

The key to getting your business automation strategy right is to focus on the issues you need to resolve, not the technology. This is just one of the tips we’ve pulled together in our Automation Success Kit, designed to simplify the journey to automation success.

Download this insightful automation roadmap to discover how you can rapidly transform your operations to optimise productivity and enhance the experience of your customers.

Connecting everything you need

Talent Management
IT Service Management
Employee provisioning

The benefits of automated HR processes


Streamline the hiring process, onboarding and orientation to get value from new recruits sooner.


Automate day-to-day tasks to simplify everything from holidays to staffing, expenses to appraisals.


Ensure offboarding is fast, effective and secure so nothing can slip through the cracks.

HR automations connection image
HR automations connection image
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