Improve customer interactions

The always-on consumer expects 24/7 support, on their terms, so to compete in today’s digital world, businesses need to offer instant access, round the clock support, with the information required to resolve issues readily available. To achieve this, more and more businesses are investing in “virtual agents” powered by chatbots to deliver instant “human touch” interactions. The success of these automated support systems is dependent on the connections and data that sit behind the customer interaction.

Support experiences are a key differentiating factor for customers, so it’s essential for businesses to get the investment right. With a customer-centric data strategy, your business can exceed expectations and create a collaborative support function that requires less manpower and increases customer satisfaction.

Reduce issue resolution times

Connect data from platforms across the business to provide a 360-degree view of the customer and a central knowledge base of common issues, resolutions and feedback to help Support Teams to find the information they need faster than ever.

Automatically post support tickets to the right people and track the status of tickets without switching applications, to deliver faster response times.

Support of the future

What if… you could accelerate your customer satisfaction scores and deliver best-in-class resolution times?

Enable better customer interactions with a more informed customer service function, automated issue escalation and AI enabled access to shared knowledge.

Connecting everything you need

Product insight
Marketing insight
Ticketing tools

Benefits of automated Support processes


Provide 24/7 intelligent automated support and escalate real-time issues quickly.


Connect customer, product and marketing touchpoint data for a complete view of the customer.


Proactively prevent issues using AI to predict problems and engage with users. Share feedback easily.

Support automation connections image
Support automations connections image
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