A revolution in IT service management

Introducing Qualia, our intelligent Service Management system that's been designed to revolutionise IT services to deliver business-changing benefits.

The rapid digitalisation of the operations that underpin the productivity, revenue growth and customer satisfaction of businesses has created more complexity in IT operations than ever before. However, the IT services that support these operations are still highly manual, which introduces significant business risk. Qualia is a revolution in IT service management that simplifies the complexity in modern IT environments to enable IT ops teams to deliver first-class user experiences while reducing the ongoing cost of IT.

We custom-built Qualia as a solution for our parent company, Spherica, to enable it to enhance its automation-first Managed Services proposition. Developed by our very own talented automation engineers, Qualia consolidates IT service and network management into a single cloud-based platform and automates many of the manual takes that plague IT Ops teams. It also comes with a pre-built suite of automations so can deliver business-changing benefits from day one.


Qualia combines powerful integration with advanced AI, Machine Learning and intelligent process automation to reduce human touch-points in IT Operations. Its self-learning capabilities ensure it continually improves so IT service teams always deliver the most optimised, consistent and reliable services.

By automating many of the repetitive tasks that are traditionally resource-heavy and error-prone, Qualia enables IT teams to do more with less, optimising customers’ IT investments to meet their strategic goals.

Qualia sits on top of your existing technology stack and intelligently identifies, categorises and automatically resolves IT support issues to ensure IT service health, proactively prevent outages and deliver consistent end-user experiences.

It was developed with the objective of ensuring that things that should work just do – always.


To find out more about how Qualia revolutionises IT operations, watch this engaging webinar from this year’s Zenoss GalaxZ21 conference, where we had the privileged of previewing a Qualia demo at this prestigious AIOps event.

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