Unprecedented change

The digital era has unleashed a plethora of platforms and apps that have transformed businesses and created unprecedented change and opportunity. The ease with which we can download cloud-based tools has enabled more agile and flexible working. However, the challenge businesses now face is that many of these applications don’t talk to each other so workflow automation is extremely difficult and expensive. In addition, data ends up being stored in multiple locations and duplicated across the business. This presents a security and governance nightmare, hampers work and slows decision making, resulting in businesses not getting the full benefit from the digital transformation initiatives they’ve embarked upon.

At Synaptek, we put your business back in control. FAST.
Through intelligent automation, we rapidly connect people, processes and platforms, creating process efficiencies that supercharge the speed of work and electrify the customer experience. Ultimately, this saves time and money which can be reinvested into generating more business!

Automating solutions across your business

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Transform your HR processes

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Make your marketing work smarter

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Optimise the sales opportunity

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Allow IT to say ‘yes!’

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Improve customer interactions

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Revolutionise finance operations

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Getting your automation strategy right

Download your free Automation Success Kit

The key to getting your business automation strategy right is to focus on the issues you need to resolve, not the technology. This is just one of the tips we’ve pulled together in our Automation Success Kit, designed to simplify the journey to automation success.

Download this insightful automation roadmap to discover how you can rapidly transform your operations to optimise productivity and enhance the experience of your customers.


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Workflow Automation

Businesses regularly use multiple platforms and services to achieve their goals, but it’s rare that any of these applications work together. This results in a lot of time wasted navigating various apps and platforms to find the information you need. With intelligent workflow automation, we connect processes and platforms together to improve efficiency, reduce data duplication, and erase security vulnerabilities.

When you work with us, our intelligent automation solutions save you time and money which can be reinvested into your business to grow even faster. With so many tasks across different departments that can be automated, almost every business can benefit from the implementation of workflow automation.