Automated NOC: changing the game

Automated Network Operations Centre: changing the game for IT Operations

Never before have IT Operations teams had to manage such vast amounts of data, and even the most established IT teams can struggle to cope with the volume of information now generated by IT events across businesses. Manual analysis and interpretation of the copious system alerts and outage information can result in slow decision making and delayed issue resolutions.

As the digital economy drives an ever-growing volume of support tickets and issue notifications, IT Operations personnel are in danger of burn out, increasing the risk of human error and putting businesses at risk. 

Putting technology to work

With Network Operations Center (NOC) automation, many repeatable tasks can be removed from overloaded personnel and managed entirely by machines. System alerts can be automatically routed to the most relevant person to deal with an incident, in real-time, without the need for first-line support to manually direct incidents and contact engineers.  

This has a huge impact on how quickly incidents can be triaged and significantly reduces network downtime. According to data from Workato, a Gartner Leader in Enterprise iPaaS, an automated NOC process can, in fact, save an average of 2 hours of response time!

Reducing alert noise

When incidents occur in busy enterprise network environments, it’s easy for human error to delay or misdirect critical information, leading to slow resolution times, a poor customer experience and loss of revenue. The Synaptek automation solution makes this a thing of the past. 

Synaptek delivers an automated, intelligent incident response solution, providing instant visibility to the relevant people, as incidents occur. Sophisticated rules reduce incident noise by consolidating duplicate incident alerts into one ticket, so teams can focus on the route cause without being bombarded with multiple tickets. The solution also provides recommendations for the best course of action to reduce resolution times and increase system uptime. 

This reduces the incidence of human error and relieves the pressure on IT Operations teams. 

Automated communication and escalation

The solution can be integrated with whatever network monitoring, ITSM and communication tools your business uses most. And alert notifications can be triggered automatically via the most appropriate channel, whether that’s a collaboration hub, such as Slack, or via email, text or phone. 

When issues are resolved, the incident is automatically closed, tickets updated and notifications automatically sent out, so all parties involved are always informed.

With an automated NOC, rules can be put in place depending on the time of day, timezone or resource available to ensure that incidents are always escalated to the right level of support. For example, at the close of business in one timezone, the alert notifications can automatically be switched to another support team to manage incidents in another timezone. Or the communication channel can be changed at the end of the working day, so on-call support staff get a phone call and/or text message in addition to the usual online alerts when they’re out of the business. If there’s a failure to respond to a call, escalation rules can ensure that the next person in line is contacted, so alerts are never missed in out of hours scenarios. 

All of these dynamic rules ensure that your business is protected round the clock, improving productivity and optimising the customer experience. 

Improving data insight

The automated Network Operations Centre solution also improves tracking and incident reporting so that IT Operations teams can spend less time on analysis and more time on interpreting reports to identify best practices and opportunities to improve and innovate. 

With an automated NOC, your business is better protected, your customer experience is improved, and your IT Operations teams have more time to identify opportunities to drive the business forward. 

It’s a game-changer in today’s fast-paced digital era. 

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