Simplify document indexing between Notion and Slack

Two powerful tools combine to simplify work

Our mission at Synaptek is to supercharge the world of work through the power of technology and be a force for good in the workplace. Here’s just one example of this in action.

In this short demo, you’ll see how we bring together Notion’s brilliant all-in-one workspace tool with Slack’s powerful communication platform to enable your teams to work smarter.

Using intelligent automation, we make it easier and faster to upload and index documents in Notion, right from within Slack. But it does much more than simply integrate these two tools. Using Workato, the Gartner leading iPaaS, we connect multiple platforms, including DropBox and Google Cloud Document AI, and intelligently automate workflows to streamline the process of creating an indexed library of documents within the Notion database.

Your teams simply upload a PDF in Slack, name and tag it, and then submit it to Notion. Within just seconds, the document is uploaded and searchable within Notion, and can be accessed with just a click from Slack. The document is also automatically saved to Dropbox and the link to the original is accessible in the Notion database.

Make it easy to create indexed document libraries and reduce the admin burden of storing and accessing files with this innovative Synaptek automation. And don’t worry if your tech stack doesn’t match up, we work with you to build a solution that works for your business.

Find out how our intelligent automation solutions simplify processes to increase productivity and make work easier.

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