Automation trends for IT leaders: The fix for 1,000 false alarms

Automation trends for IT leaders

Never have businesses had such complex IT infrastructures and with so many businesses processes now reliant on technology, your business is only as good as your IT Operations. But overstretched infrastructure teams are drowning in alert noise and hampered by slow, error-prone, manual processes.

With the average cost of an IT outage being estimated at $5,600 PER MINUTE, reducing the severity and frequency of system downtime is essential to protect business continuity.

We’re on a mission to address this by simplifying the complexity of modern enterprise infrastructures through intelligent automation.

We were delighted to be joined by the innovative technology leaders, Zenoss and Workato, In this engaging fireside chat that discusses these issues and shares our collective vision for a future of work that has automation at the heart. We’re also excited to introduce our  RoboNOC solution that addresses the issues businesses face in the modern digital era and delivers the future of IT Ops.

Watch now to learn how AIOps and Intelligent Automation combine to eliminate the curse of alert noise, reduce the risk of human error and supercharge the speed of issue resolution, protecting businesses from costly system downtime.

– Why businesses need to act now to survive in the new future of work
– How to simplify the complexity of modern IT environments while simultaneously lowering costs and mitigating risk
– The key to cutting mean time to resolution (MTTR) in half
– How remediation is automated and outages actively prevented.

Watch now and find out how our innovative RoboNOC solution is revolutionising IT Operations and protecting businesses from costly system downtime.

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