Redressing the 70% failure rate of digital transformations

We’re removing the barriers to the future of work
Have you wondered why so many digital transformations fail? Are you preparing for the #futureofwork? Do you know how AI could enhance your business?

If you answered yes to any of these (or even if you didn’t!), watch this engaging webinar recording now to find out everything you need to know. This webinar includes guest speakers from our digital innovation division, Synaptek, and leading Content Management Platform, Box.

It’s an insight-packed hour in which we explore why so many businesses are not getting their digital transformation right, the pitfalls to avoid, how to drive productivity across your cloud technology stack and how to use the power of AI and Machine Learning to improve ways of working, reduce costs and make your business more sustainable.

You’ll also find the answers to our in-webinar polls below which show there’s much scope for improvement in how businesses harness the benefits of technology to improve ways of working.

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The audience engagement in our in-webinar polls was insightful and highlights how many businesses need to act quickly to effectively use technology to work smarter. Check out the results below:

Poll question 1

The issues raised in the webinar ring true for 36% of respondents and 45% are yet to embark on a digital transformation so we can help them to avoid the same pitfalls.

Poll Q1 Are the issues raised here affecting your business

Poll question 2

62.5% of respondents have automation on their business agenda. As one of the hottest topics in business today, we’re pleased to see that 37.5% already have automation as part of their business strategy and we hope to see that figure grow quickly.

Pol Q2 Is automation part of your business strategy

Poll question 3

Most shockingly, 50% of respondents have still had access to data after leaving a business. Data security and secure off-boarding must be a priority for businesses.

Poll Q3 Have you ever left a business and still had access to files and data


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